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Blue Cheese was made by cross-rearing a male indica strain of Blueberry with a female half breed of UK Cheese. Its typical THC level is around 15%, with its most elevated testing finishing off at 20%.

What is its fragrance?

The indica strain Blue Cheese gets its name generally from its fragrance, exposing exquisite cheddar like smell with a sweet berry suggestion of which it acquired from its parent strains. In spite of its gooey smell, its taste will in general veer towards berries. A few commentators have referenced a trace of strawberry in flavor.

What are its effects?

The high that Blue Cheese makes is a truly recognizable elated and loosened up a condition of being, with a hint of initiating innovativeness for some commentators. The proposed use is in the nighttime and during the evening. The high is known to be a creeper, not prompt, so starting gradually with this strain is recommended. Despite the fact that Blue Cheese brings a loosening up body high, it doesn't make the body feel overwhelming.

What are its negative impacts?

Other than the typical cotton mouth and dry eyes, Blue Cheese can cause minor discombobulating or distrustfulness.

Where to Buy Blue Cheese?

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