Blue God Seeds

Blue God Seeds

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Blue God is an Indica mixture with solid opiate impacts. The offspring of God Bud and Blueberry, both Cannabis Cup champs, it has an overwhelming beginning yet just a moderate THC structure at 15 to 20%.

Physical attributes:

Blue God's buds are thick, with leaves that seem more brutal than green. Gum generation is high - a cover of trichomes influences the dried blossoms to show up practically luminous. Broadly intense parent strain Blueberry comes through solid on the sense of taste.

What is its flavor?

The smoke tastes to some degree the manner in which the plant looks, profound with a trace of berry.

What are its effects?

Blue God has a high that flourishes altogether in the body. An evening strain without a doubt, it crawls up gradually, backing off breathing and loosening up muscle pressure. Any psychological impacts are more hallucinogenic than cerebral - music or motion pictures can appear to be strange and intensified.

What is its restorative impact?

Blue God gives an exceptionally solid indica nightcap high. Rest and help from perpetual agony can come on quick; the strain sometimes it falls short for exercises that require readiness and vitality. The sedating impacts of this strain are powerful for endless torment, tension, and particularly a sleeping disorder.

Where to Buy Blue God Seeds?

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