Dab Society Extracts  Blue Dragon Desert Frost

Dab Society Extracts Blue Dragon Desert Frost

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This present strain's endless name doesn't do it equity. Blue Dragon desert forest- Short's Blueberry x Sour Diesel) is a multi-dimensional mix of fulfilling aromas. This uncommon high-CBD strain was conceived from a solitary pined for seed and is some may great weed. The thick woods of CBD loaded trichomes tried up to 17.6% CBD and 1 - 6% THC. The expressions on these buds are excessively dim purple nearly as its dark! With a bit of lighting, you can see the stunning shading it truly has.

It is committed to guaranteeing that the strain's special smell and cannabinoid articulation which astonishes patients and clients.

What are its effects?

•    Happy and relaxed: The strain helps to make the user feel relaxed and happy by making them stress-free.
•    Sleepy: The strain is beneficial to bring sleep to patient’s who can’t rest off or who are suffering from the problems of sleep disorders.

What are its medical uses?

•    Depression
•    Stress
•    Pain
•    Lack of appetite
•    Insomnia

What are its negative effects?

•    Dry mouth and eyes
•    Paranoia
•    Dizziness
•    Anxiety

Where to buy the dab society extracts blue dragon desert frost?

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