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Fire OG

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The cannabis strain Fire OG is an indica-overwhelming mixture known to be a standout amongst the most intense OG strains out there. The blend of two different sorts of OG Kush strains has settled on Fire OG the best decision. Its THC level midpoints at 15% while a few harvests have tried as high as 20%! Fire OG isn't prescribed for first-time clients or amateur cannabis buyers since its high is strong.

What is its smell?

It radiates a gritty lemon pizzazz smell and tastes comparative, with hints of diesel in the blend. At the point when reaping prepared, its buds have a chilly intrigue and exposed red hairs, with the feeling that it's ablaze.

What is its medicinal use?

Its high is gigantically unwinding, frequently initiating sluggishness in the shopper joined by a euphoric personality and body buzz. A few analysts guarantee to have expanded cerebral action, intensifying their inventiveness. Whenever expended accurately, the high can last up the three hours. At times, it might cause a lounge chair bolt – so devouring this strain at night and around evening time is prompted.

What are its negative impacts?

Other than the typical sick symptom of cotton mouth, this strain can cause cerebral pains, neurosis, and now and again, discombobulating.

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You can buy fire OG online, from the valve pharmaceutical in the most leading price. In case you have queries you can contact us through our mail or live chat.

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