Ghost OG

Ghost OG

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Ghost OG is an indica-prevailing half breed cannabis strain that produces cone-molded buds that are uneven and profound olive-green, having shades of dim violet. They're shrouded in a thick layer of gem trichomes alongside scanty pistils that are profound golden.

What is its fragrance?

Ghost OG's fragrance and taste are reminiscent of sweet tropical citrus and earth.

What are its effects?

THC levels normal around 15%, with a few harvests procuring in as high as 20%. Its effects create a solid body high that disposes of a throbbing painfulness, enhancing generally state of mind as it lifts the spirits. Dashing considerations stop, and the mind falls into a loose and languid state. Ghost OG can be soothing, so expending during the evening is prescribed.

What are its negative impacts?

Dry mouth and eyes are ordinary, with other negative reactions being neurosis, unsteadiness, or migraine while expending Ghost OG above resilience levels.

Where to Buy Ghost OG?

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