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Gods Gift

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The cannabis strain God's Gift is an indica bearing a blended kind of grapes and lavender with a hint of diesel and delayed flavor impression portrayed as citrusy. Its folks are the solid and intense strains of Granddaddy Purple, an indica, and OG Kush, a half breed. God's Gift wound up prevalent in California in 2005 where it previously bloomed.

Note for producers: This indica strain develops simply over four feet and takes eight to nine weeks to bloom, requiring little commitment amid vegetation whenever developed inside and making it a decent product for fledglings.

The scent:

Its smell is comparative, regularly inclining more towards an over-ready berry aroma. At the point when prepared for gather, its thick buds exposed energetic purple tones and overlaid with gems.

What are its belongings?

God's Gift is a profoundly strong indica, with THC levels achieving a normal of 18% and garnish off at 22% in a few harvests. Its high is quick, giving the buyer a full-bodied euphoric feel that analysts note mitigates a throbbing painfulness and for ladies, PMS side effects. It couches secure and leaves most a fantasy like, drowsy daze which makes this strain useful for evening time use.

What are its negative impacts?

•    Paranoia
•    Dizziness
•    Dry mouth and eyes
•    Vomiting

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