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Herijuana is also called Herojuana, the indica cannabis strain Herijuana exposes a hot smell that preferences gritty. Its buds are light green in shading with consumed orange pistils. It originates from a Humboldt County strain named Petrolia Headstash which is of Afghani heritage. The parent is accepted to be a Kentucky landrace hybrid which is named Killer New Haven.

What are its effects?

THC dimensions of Herijuana are high, averaging at 18% and achieving highs of 25%. Many depict its high as reflective and intriguing. This strain is best expended around evening time since it can achieve a seat bolt to a few.

What are its medicinal impacts?

It can help wipe out pressure and assuage strain all through the body. A few commentators have expressed this strain will transform both the brain and body into "jam". A portion of the restorative impacts likewise incorporate commotion facilitating:

•    Pains
•    Depression
•    Stress
•    PTSD
•    Paranoia

What are the negative impacts?

Other than the ordinary dry mouth and eyes, negative reactions incorporate unsteadiness, cerebral pains, and distrustfulness. The high THC substance may incite these reactions in both amateur and veteran shoppers alike, contingent upon what amount is devoured in one sitting.

Where to Buy Herijuana?

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