Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush

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The Hindu Kush, an indica cannabis strain, exposes a sweet yet unpretentious sandalwood fragrance veteran purchaser's regard. Its buds comprise of backwoods green leaves and consumed orange pistils, and are canvassed in a thick layer of cold trichomes when gather prepared.

First blooming in California, Hindu Kush is a landrace strain beginning from the mountain run that exposes a similar name, extending among Pakistan and Afghanistan. In view of the brutal climate conditions its folks began in, this strain has advanced to make a thick layer of defensive trichomes that hash creators revere.

Note: Hindu Kush has a shorter development stature (typical for most indica strains) and inclines toward hotter outside atmospheres regardless of its parent strains' birthplaces.

What are its effects?

The THC dimensions of Hindu Kush are commonly high, finishing off at 20%. It gives a quiet, euphoric high that lightens pressure and hurts in the body, making the customer unwind and fall into a condition of bliss.

Nonetheless, it will cause sluggishness, so devouring this strain towards the night and during the evening time is typically exhorted.

What are its reactions?

Sick symptoms incorporate the typical dry mouth and eyes. Due to its high THC content, it can actuate little episodes of neurosis, tipsiness, or tension. Amateur buyers notice.

Where to Buy Hindu Kush?

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