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Jesus OG

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Jesus OG cannabis strain is a sativa-prevailing mixture with a proportion of 80/20. This current strain's THC levels top at 25%, and it is known for its strong synthetic smell and hearty suggestions.

What is its flavor?

The flavor is spicier than you may expect, with a natural trailing sensation like that of toppled soil. Insights of woodsy lemon and pine season this bud making it mellow and smooth in flavor. It will in general shiver in the user a bit when breathe out and it has a moderate form.

Sort of High

Jesus OG cannabis strain actuates disarray and fogginess, which means it, is best left to the specialists to appreciate. It is a decent daytime liberality as it will inspire and invigorate your brain and body. It is utilized to treat ADHD and mind-set issue.

What are its medical impacts?

Jesus OG's euphoric elevate can be an incredible impermanent treatment for those battling with pressure, nervousness, gloom and PTSD. Its perceptive center can help patients with consideration deficiency issue. Nonetheless, as a result of this current strain's propensity to realize uninhibitedly acquainted reasoning, it might incite frenzy or neurosis for those not acclimated with the "mindrace" that accompanies powerful sativas.

Where to buy the jesus OG online?

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