Love Potion 1

Love Potion 1

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Love Potion 1 cannabis strain is a 70/30 Sativa prevailing hybrid. This kush has won the 2004 Times Cannabis Cup. The herb can be appreciated by most clients due to its 15-18% THC check. Love Potion 1 weed is an ideal decision for clients who wish to enhance their love life. It emphatically scents of lemon, skunk, and flavors. The buds are light green, lavishly covered in tar, trichomes and orange hairs. Love Potion 1 strain is useful for night time recreational and restorative use.

How does it taste?

This bud has an alluring fragrance of skunky lemon citrus and essence of tart lemon with a trace of zesty skunk upon breath out that sit wonderfully on the taste buds.

What are its effects?

Upon the beginning you'll feel an inspired vigorous head high that gives you a greatly elevated state of mind and a sentiment of an invigorating body high that spreads from your spine to your fingertips in humming, warming waves. This incitement is extremely stirring and can leave numerous clients feeling unbelievably horny.

What are its negative impacts?

Love Potion #1 is frequently used to treat interminable weakness, endless pressure or uneasiness, mellow to direct instances of depression, and sickness.

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