Love Potion Auto Flowering Seeds

Love Potion Auto Flowering Seeds

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Love Potion Auto-Flowering Seeds is a Sativa Dominant half and half maryjane seed. Its heredity is from G13 and Marta Columbia Gold and after that crossed with Columbian Gold again to make a skunky and lemon seasoned Sativa cannabis strain. Join's Love Potion Auto Feminized by Flash Seeds is a genuinely wonderful strain that will enable you to appreciate unimaginably fruity fragrances, fat buds and loads of sap. This strain takes around 10 weeks to blossom and its flavor and impacts compensate for its moderate yields. This strain will create both male and female plants.

What are its smell and impacts?

You can see unmistakable Citrus, Skunk, and Grapefruit scents and it's known for giving cheerful and inspiring impacts. A few clients encounter a feeling of excitement and a high that leaves your fingertips humming in warming waves.

What is its therapeutic use?

Love Potion Strain is utilized to treat weakness, stress, uneasiness, and gloom.

What are its negative impacts?

The love potion can cause unsteadiness, regurgitating, dry mouth and eyes and neurosis. In the event that the symptoms emerge in the higher range, one must counsel a specialist promptly.

Where to Buy Love Potion Auto Flowering Seeds?

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