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The indica cannabis strain named MK Ultra gets its name from the CIA's Project MKUltra, which intended to impact mental control through vital strategies. The parent strains of MK Ultra are the cross breed OG Kush and indica G13. MK Ultra won in front of the rest of the competition Indica Strain at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and second place in 2004.

What is its smell?

Its fragrance is sharp and reminiscent of wild blossoms with sweet, hearty connotations. Its buds are thick, olive green leaves canvassed in trichomes and short red pistils.

What are its effects?

MK Ultra produces extraordinary cerebral impacts, which is the manner by which it identifies with the CIA's undertaking. The THC dimension of these strain midpoints at 15%, however, can achieve dimensions of about 22%.

What are its medicinal impacts?

It's known to expand hunger, actuating the munchies, and mitigates torment and throbs all through the body. A few analysts have portrayed the high as sleep-inducing and quick acting, regularly delivering hallucinogenic cerebral impacts in spite of its indica predominance.

What are the negative impacts?

MK Ultra can abandon you feeling somewhat discombobulated upon an initial couple of hits of this strain, with some encountering suspicion or nervousness due to its intense THC substance and one of a kind cerebral impacts. Beginner shoppers notice this strain is best for veteran customers.

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