OG Kush Feminised Seeds

OG Kush Feminised Seeds

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OG Kush is from California and is known worldwide for its particular smell and amazing impacts. OG Kush is one of a kind strain that can't be contrasted and different cannabis strains. OG Kush is especially mainstream among celebrated Hollywood stars, rappers and in radiant California. The rapper Snoop Dogg is by all accounts fairly attached to OG Kush.


OG Kush is known for its satisfying looks and sharp smell. Remember that singular plants of a similar strain can shift in shading because of lighting, nourishment, temperature and different components.


OG Kush is an incredibly solid cannabis strain and the physical impact is as solid as the profound impact. Physically and rationally it makes me amazingly dynamic. In the restorative field, it treats tension, torment, stress and sleep deprivation.

Restorative USE

OG Kush is a hero of restorative marijuana. Like most restoratively huge strains, OG Kush demonstrates very supportive for a tremendous assortment of afflictions, both unending and intense:

•    Nausea and regurgitating due to standard medicinal medications
•    Hyperemesis gravidarum
•    Anxiety issue and fits of anxiety
•    Excessive pressure
•    Severe PMS
•    Chronic torment because of damage or malady
•    Depression
•    Lack of hunger caused by pharmaceutical medications or sickness
•    Combating anorexia and comparable dietary issues
•    Multiple sclerosis
•    Parkinson's sickness

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