Temple Extract Blue Dream

Temple Extract Blue Dream

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A scrumptious cross between Blueberry Indica with a Sativa Haze, Temple Extract's Blue Dream oil is both unobtrusive and flawless. Complemented by a marginally Haze-like pine breath in and sandalwood breathes out, this oil shows why Blue Dream is a standout amongst the most prominent bloom strains sold today. Commonly without the plant's exceedingly alluring terpenes in most CO2 oils, Temple Extracts' special procedure has figured out how to keep up the strain's general flavor profile.

What are its effects?

This sativa-prevailing oil adjusts interesting inspiration and clears disapproved of inventiveness with the will to complete things. Lab tried for its entire THC content, Blue Dream tried at 61% for aggregate THC; with 19% returning as THCa and an astounding 42% as THC.

What is its advantage?

It is extraordinary forgiving knowledge and point of view, and in addition inspiration, Temple's Blue Dream vape pen got numerous individuals rationally psyched up. It is frequently credited with making a feeling of bliss, unwinding, and the sentiment of euphoric innovativeness.

With a sweet berry fragrance aromatic of its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream conveys quick indication alleviation without substantial narcotic impacts. This makes Blue Dream a well known daytime prescription for patients treating torment, despondency, queasiness, and different diseases requiring a high THC strain.

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