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The true OG is also known as "Kobe OG," the indica cannabis strain True OG has won second place in the indica classification of the High Times Medical Cup quite a long while in succession. It bears a fragrance that is amazingly skunky, with undercurrents of citrus. The flavor is comparative; however insights of zest and diesel can be distinguished. True OG was reproduced utilizing the hereditary qualities of the promoted OG Kush. It initially bloomed in Southern California.

What are its effects?

THC dimensions of this strain normal at around 22%. Its high will loosen up the body quickly while at the same time liquefying the worries of the day away and leaving the brain in a condition of happiness. The purchaser will feel glad and elevated and also engaged. Despite the fact that the psyche may have profound and convincing contemplations, the body will need to droop into a lounge chair bolt.

What are the health advantages?

The True OG joins numerous health advantages some of them are as per the following:

•    It can help in facilitating pressure
•    It can help in facilitating PTSD
•    It can help with queasiness, while likewise inciting the munchies.

What are the negative impacts?

Negative impacts are uncommon; however incorporate dazedness, cerebral pain, and slight neurosis if ill-advised sums are expended. Dry mouth and eye can also be the common negative symptom.

Where to Buy True OG?

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