UTOPIA Assorted Gold Label Extracts

UTOPIA Assorted Gold Label Extracts

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Utopia assorted gold label extracts are manufactured in potent, pure and flavored extracts. Each batch of it has a unique profile which is captured by the refined extraction methods. It further results in terpene levels and cannabiniod as high as the 97 percent and 16 percent respectively. These extracts are also perfect for connoisseur consumers who are looking for an experience which is full of effect and flavors of pure cannabis.

The extracts also guarantee to be below 50ppm and are free of micro pesticides and contaminants which ensure it to be a clean and unadulterated product. We also pack and produce it from the laboratory conditions using the closed loop technologies, food safe handlings, and medical grade solvents. Each batch of it is well tested to give a quality transparency and assurance.

What are its effects?

•    It gives happy and energizing feeling
•    It gives focus and attention in brain
•    It enhances the level of creativity in mind

What are its medical uses?

It can treat depression, migraines, anxiety, bipolar disorders, ADHD/ADD, Stress, Nausea, Headaches and acute to severe chronic pains.

What are its negative effects?

If Utopia assorted gold label extracts are consumed more than a doctor’s recommendation it can cause:

•    Anxiety
•    Dry eyes
•    Dry mouth
•    Dizziness
•    Paranoia

Where to Buy Utopia Assorted Gold Label Extracts?

You can buy Utopia assorted gold label extracts online at the ValvePharmaceutical at the best price. You can also buy it without any prescriptions only at the ValvePharmaceutical.

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