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The sativa-overwhelming cross breed XJ-13 is a cannabis strain that oozes a solid citrus aroma with suggestions of pine and a flavor that is sweet and fiery. Some have detailed clues of lime inside the smell and taste. The THC substance of XJ-13 rests regularly at 16%, with a few products testing as high as 22%. Its high has been portrayed as "light-weight, strain.

Note for the cultivators: This strain is equipped for development both inside and out and takes somewhere in the range of eight and nine weeks to get done with blossoming.

What are its effects?

The strain generally delivers a cerebral high that expands mindfulness, imagination, makes a discussion increasingly pleasurable – all while somewhat desensitizing the body into a light unwinding. In spite of loosened up muscles, it will help support vitality possibly, making this strain ideal for those that appreciate a valuable strain for a wake-and-prepare. Its high is likewise known to last up to four hours.

What are its negative impacts?

While this strain is a magnificent decision for both beginner and veteran cannabis purchasers alike, it will instigate suspicion or uneasiness whenever devoured inappropriately. It can likewise cause dry mouth and eyes in patients who are in taking this strain more than the suggestion.

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